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Even the most conscientious workplace can be stress-filled. We believe cuddling and playing with puppies is an ideal way to restore the balance. In fact, scientific studies have shown positive therapeutic effects from animal interaction – including decreasing blood pressure and reduced levels of cortisol.

Puppy Love™ Southern California founder Sabrina Freed combined her two key passions: creating outstanding events and animal advocacy. A pioneer in the field of high-profile conferences Sabrina realized firsthand how employees would benefit from puppies in the workplace, and likewise, how employers would see results in worker efficiency, and wellness. A wonderful give-back, Puppy Love also donates 20% of all proceeds back into the local rescue community.

Puppy Love was started in San Francisco and serves all areas of northern and southern California. We also partner with rescues nationwide to provide Puppy Love experiences across the U.S.

Yes. Each location carries liability insurance of $2M to ensure our attendees and puppies are well covered.

All pups come from our vetted, fully trusted rescue partners who ensure pups are happy and well cared for. 20% of all Puppy Love proceeds are donated back to our rescue partners to help cover their food and medical costs.

With the welfare of our pups as our number one priority, each event is structured to absolutely ensure their safety, care and happiness. At the events, pups receive a great deal of socialization – essential to their development – in a fun, safe and positive atmosphere to familiarize them with meeting different people.

Puppy Love does not sell puppies as we believe in rescue vs. buy. That said, all our adorable pups are available for adoption and attendees can work directly with our rescue partners to comply with their process.

The age of our pups/dogs can differ from 8 weeks to 10 years, but typically the puppies are between 8 to 16 weeks.

The events themselves are like a break for the puppies – they snuggle, play, and get lots of attention! And while many pups play, some will just want to relax or sleep, so that’s exactly what they do. These events are all about the pups feeling safe and happy in positive surroundings, and your attendees getting lots of love and cuddles.

Puppy Love arrives an hour prior to the event with all the necessary gear to set up the environment. The rescue/fosters arrive 30 minutes later with the pups, giving them time to settle into their new play area. We stroller them in, so your cute, branded experience begins at the get-go!

Our standard Puppy Love experience is 2 hours. However, we also provide pups for up to 6 hours for larger conferences.

Depending on the size/attendance of the event, we provide 2-4 Puppy Coaches to answer questions, manage traffic flow, ensure pups are handled safely and make sure the event area remains spotless. A Kissing Booth backdrop is set up with hand-held signs for fun photo-ops as well as table where attendees can inquire about puppy adoption if they happen to fall in love.

Once the event is over, we pack up our pups and equipment and haul any trash away. You’ll never know we were there – except for the lingering smiles!

Absolutely! And if you post them on social media, please tag us so we can share the joy #puppyloveparty

Yes, we have. A key thing to note is the pups never actually come into contact with the office space. Once they arrive in their puppy strollers, they are taken straight to the event area and are only allowed on our special protective flooring.

The minimum requirement is a 10′ x 10′ space – but we can be flexible depending on what’s available. We like to set up as quickly and efficiently as possible, so if any chairs or desks can be cleared away prior to our arrival, that certainly helps. We monitor the temperature throughout the day to ensure our pups’ comfort and always conduct a risk assessment prior to event day to make sure the space is suitable for our pups.

Yes, however children must have their parent present and be willing to sit on the floor to play with the pups.

Yes! We look forward to hearing more about your goals for the event so we can customize the best experience.

Contact us directly or fill out the form on our website and we will get back to you ASAP. Contact phone: 310-421-9146

What Our Customers Say

  • Erica Pham
    There are not enough words to describe how great Jennifer and the Puppy Love team are! I have been wanting to plan a company event for awhile now and it was important to me that we did not support using puppies/dogs from mills or breeders. Puppy Love not only partners with rescues, but also will donate a portion of the cost to the rescue as well so right off the bat, I was already impressed. Jennifer is very communicative throughout the process and made it easy for us to host the event. We essentially just provided the space and her team handled the rest! Everyone on the team were incredibly kind and clearly cared about the dogs and puppies. The event was nothing short of amazing and I have no doubt that we will be inviting them back for another event in the future! It's well worth it, I can't recommend Puppy Love enough!
  • Michelle Cadwell
    Jennifer is a such a Gem to work with! We hired her company for a Employee Summer Picnic event in August of 2023. She not only provided a ton of wonderful information on how activations work, but provided a whole experience. We remained in contact up to our event. The day of the event, was not only seem less, but her staff was beyond amazing. Puppies did get held up in traffic but we made the most of it, and they ensured puppies were here for the full time. I will be in contact again for our next event in the future.
  • vanessa kahn
    Such a PAWsitive addition to the event!
  • Juliet Duball
    Great cause and adorable puppies!
  • Vykki Ravo
    Away from home at a work conference and missing my puppers. This was just what I needed.
  • Aurora Ilog

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