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How to Plan and Execute a Tail-Wagging Puppy Love Experience at Your Event

Posted on Feb 17th 2024

This guide is your key to orchestrating a Puppy Love Experience at your event, promising a positive and lasting impact for all involved - whether they walk on two legs or trot on four!

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The Rise of Pet-Friendly Workplaces: A Win-Win for Employees and Employers

Posted on Feb 5th 2024

The trend of pet-friendly workplaces caters to the growing number of pet owners. Work-life balance and employee well-being have gained significant traction post-pandemic. In academic and U.S. national surveys, most employees believe pets contribute to a more pleasant social work environment. We couldn't agree more! Explore the benefits and challenges of pet-friendly policies, as well as companies who have successfully implemented these initiatives.

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Tesla and Puppy Love: Bringing People (and Puppies) Together Changes Everything!

Posted on Jan 22nd 2024

Tesla recently organized a three-day Employee Appreciation event in the beautiful Bay Area, where they teamed up with us to bring some much-needed puppy therapy to their hardworking staff. The response was overwhelming, with enthusiastic attendees lining up for the chance to cuddle with adorable puppies! This unique approach left a lasting smile and an overwhelming impact on everyone involved.

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How Puppy Love Brought Joy and Appreciation to LPC Tenants

Posted on Jan 4th 2024

Learn everything about our recent event with Lincoln Property Company! Our business is spreading happiness and joy, and that's exactly what we accomplished with our friends at LPC.

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Corporate Wellness Activity Ideas for the Holiday in Los Angeles to San Diego

Posted on Dec 12th 2023

The holiday season, aglow with glittering lights, is a time of joy and celebration. However, alongside the merriment, it often brings a whirlwind of stress and busyness. The end-of-year rush, combined with personal holiday preparations, can weigh heavily on employees, leading to heightened stress levels and potential burnout. It's during these times that the importance of workplace wellness becomes more pronounced than ever. Focusing on employee well-being is not just beneficial; it's essential to navigate through this stressful time.

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Sharing the Joy: How to Include Your Dog in Christmas Traditions in Los Angeles to San Diego

Posted on Nov 30th 2023

The holiday season is all about sharing joy and warmth, and who better to share it with than your furry best friend? Including your dog in Christmas traditions not only makes your celebrations more joyful but also ensures your pet feels like a part of your family festivities. So, let’s dive into some paw-some ways to make this Christmas unforgettable for both you and your four-legged companion!

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