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Puppy Love™ is an employee wellness experience bringing mood-enhancing, morale-boosting connections to each and every event, reducing stress and increasing productivity through interactive time with rescue puppies in a comfortable, fun setting.

Research has proven that human/animal synergy dramatically reduces stress and anxiety while increasing individuals’ energy and overall attitude – resulting in happier workers, better retention and higher productivity. In other words – positively affecting your company’s bottom line!



Give Back

When you work with Puppy Love™, you’re also giving back – helping to increase adoption awareness and the possibility of finding our rescue puppies forever homes. When someone falls in love with one of our furry friends, we connect you directly with the rescue agency to help initiate the adoption process.

Best of all, Puppy Love™ donates 20% of all proceeds to our rescue partners to help support their operations helping animals in need. Everybody wins!

Puppy therapy is good for the puppies too

Being introduced to new people and enjoying simple playtime is a wonderful way for puppies to further develop their socializing and build their confidence. It can help them to understand how to play, how to make new friends and how to understand the world around them better.

Our mission is to improve human health and well-being through the human-animal bond. By supporting the Puppy Love ™️ you are also supporting many rescues and helping save the lives of many animals.

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