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Step by Step License Paw-Cess

Do you want to become a Puppy Love™ license owner, but aren’t sure where to go from here? Allow us to break down the steps:

Initial Introduction Qualification Call

During your first call, you will further discuss the Puppy Love™ opportunity and cover a few topics, including your motivation, business background and territory of interest. We will be happy to answer any addition questions you have.

Complete Application and Sign NDA

Returning your profile tells us that you are serious about the opportunity, and it gives us a clear picture of your background to see if it is a good fit.

Start the Exploration Process for Becoming a License Owner

You’ll want to perform your due diligence by conducting research and asking all of your questions. Our team is readily available to provide the information you need! You will want to make sure that your territory has enough corporate business to support the concept.

Validation Phase and Play with Puppies at an Event

We’ll invite you to visit one of our events in Northern CA to see how the program is run and so you can play with some puppies. You can also spend 1 on 1 time with Sabrina asking all your questions you may still have.

License Approval & Onboarding

This is the final step in the process where you will be awarded a Puppy Love™ territory! We’re looking forward to getting you through these steps and celebrating your final step in the process to ownership. Welcome to the Team!



Even the most conscientious workplace can be stress-filled. We believe cuddling and playing with puppies is an ideal way to restore the balance. In fact, scientific studies have shown positive therapeutic effects from animal interaction – including decreasing blood pressure and reduced levels of cortisol.

Puppy Love™ founder Sabrina Freed combined her two key passions: creating outstanding events and animal advocacy. A pioneer in the field of high-profile conferences Sabrina realized firsthand how employees would benefit from puppies in the workplace, and likewise, how employers would see results in worker efficiency, and wellness. A wonderful give-back, Puppy Love also donates 20% of all proceeds back into the local rescue community.

Puppy Love was started in San Francisco and serves all areas of northern and southern California. We also partner with rescues nationwide to provide Puppy Love experiences across the U.S.

Yes. Each location carries liability insurance of $2M to ensure our attendees and puppies are well covered.

All pups come from our vetted, fully trusted rescue partners who ensure pups are happy and well cared for. 20% of all Puppy Love proceeds are donated back to our rescue partners to help cover their food and medical costs.

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Ready to Get Started!


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