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Fun Summer Activities for You and Your Dog!

Posted on Aug 31st 2023

Summer is time for humans and their dogs to shake off the laziness and have some fun! But the end of summer always comes sooner than expected. With cooler weather fast approaching, here are a few ways to stretch out the summer fun with the last hot days of the year.

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5 Creative Ways to Say 'Thank You' to Employees

Posted on Aug 28th 2023

There are many ways to make employees feel appreciated, but pizza parties and donuts can start to feel old. Here are some ideas for creative, meaningful ways to show employees how appreciated and valuable they are.

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Thoughts on Going Back to the Office - Full Time vs. Hybrid

Posted on Jul 10th 2023

Jennifer Gerich tells her story about how she started working for Puppy Love and her thoughts on going back into the office. Read more!

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How A Corporate Career Woman Made The Switch To Business Owner

Posted on Jun 19th 2023

How does one go from a 25-year career in the corporate world to running America’s premier puppy party company? That’s the story Voyage Denver wanted to find out in their recent profile of Puppy Love founder, Sabrina Freed!

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Warriors and Wagging Tails

Posted on Nov 29th 2022

The Bay Area’s own Golden State Warriors and adoptable puppies? Name a more legendary combo! Our Puppy Love team brought the CUTEST fans to Chase Center in San Francisco on November 7, 2022 for the most unforgettable experience for Warriors players, fans, and 25 adoptable puppies.

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How Puppy Love™ Can Make Your Next Conference Unforgettable

Posted on Nov 22nd 2022

Your conference booth is the first thing attendees see when they arrive, so it’s essential to make a good impression right off the bat. Keep reading to find out how puppies can make your booth more approachable, while also reducing conference overwhelm.

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