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Warriors and Wagging Tails

Posted on Nov 29th 2022


Warriors and Wagging Tails

The Bay Area’s own Golden State Warriors and adoptable puppies? Name a more legendary combo!

This cute pup is social-media famous thanks to Puppy Love!

Our Puppy Love team brought the CUTEST fans to Chase Center in San Francisco on November 7, 2022 for the most unforgettable experience for Warriors players, fans, and 25 adoptable puppies.

Seven-time NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors, were set to play the Sacramento Kings that night. We got to kick off the event with a very special surprise for Dubs’ players Jordan Poole and Jonathan Kuminga: the sweetest adoptable puppies to welcome them into Chase Center!

“Check it out, new tunnel fit accessory?” Poole asked as he cuddled a lucky pup and made his way to the locker room. That lucky puppy was Aspen, a mixed terrier puppy rescued by local Bay Area rescue, Doggie Protective Services. Kuminga made his grand entrance with two of Aspen’s scruffy siblings. The Warriors’ media team captured this priceless moment and featured it on official social media pages and sports news outlets, where it was viewed by millions of people all over the world! We’re PAWsitive these pups brought the players good luck and a lightened mood as the Warriors pulled out a win against the Kings that night!

But this celebrity meet-and-greet was for more than just to cheer the athletes up before the big game. This was part of the Warriors’ Pet Adoption week, an initiative to bring support to local Bay Area rescues and help homeless animals find their forever homes! Warriors player Donte Divencizo pledged to match all adoption fees, giving fans an incentive to adopt during the night’s events!

After these puppies had their moment with the players, they headed to the Puppy Love experience we set up at Thrive City, right next to the fans’ entrance at Chase Center. We brought in 25 puppies of all shapes and sizes from Doggie Protective Services. We had tiny terriers, cuddly huskies, lovable goldendoodles, and more! They were all ready to greet fans and meet families interested in adopting! For 3 hours prior to the game, over 200 Warriors fans stopped by to spend some time with our furry friends.

Pups, fans, and Warriors players all loved Puppy Love!
Puppy Love made a splash at the Warriors game!

Several DPS volunteers were onsite to answer any questions about the dogs and to facilitate the adoption process. In just that first night, 55 applications were submitted! Within 48 hours, 10 applications and background checks were successfully completed. And it took a few more days after that for nearly every dog in the lineup to officially find their permanent home.

Pet Adoption Week continued to be promoted throughout the game that night. Warriors fans heard from head Coach Steve Kerr, and legendary players Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, about their own dog adoption stories and the value that their pets have brought to their families.

At halftime, our Puppy Love team got to participate in one of the most exciting events yet: Chase Center’s first ever Halftime Puppy Race! We had four 3 month old puppies–all available for adoption through Doggie Protective Services–race to the finish line for fans to admire and hopefully fall in love with to adopt! Our puppy competitors were Blueberry, a sweet doodle mix, Pecan Pie, a mischievous German shepherd, Mojito, a playful husky, and Thyme, the most lovable chocolate lab/pit mix. The crowd went wild as each of these pups made their grand entrance into center court and had their “players bios” displayed on the megatron!

At the start of the race, the puppies followed a trail of treats to the red ribbon finish line. Thyme initially took a strong lead, but in the end Pecan Pie claimed victory. There may have only been one official race winner, but it’s safe to say each one of the puppies won the hearts of the fans at Chase Center.

In addition to the 22 successful adoptions, over $15,000 was donated to Doggie Protective Services on behalf of the Golden State Warriors. This collaboration brought national attention to the rescue and showed fans from all over the world how they can make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. The players’ grand entrance, the puppy meet and greet, and the halftime show race were all featured on live national broadcasts including NBC Sports! Puppy Love is delighted to have been chosen by the Warriors to facilitate and kick off their Pet Adoption Week. We love connecting companies–and now professional sports teams!–with non-profit rescues to ensure that their efforts are doing something impactful for the greater good. And with our experience in large-scale corporate events, we are proud to have produced an experience fitting for a champion basketball team and national attention.

Puppy Love placed several sweet pups for adoption with great homes!
This woman and pup enjoy the Warriors game.

Whether you’re planning a small office event or want to bring something new to a sold-out NBA arena, our team will make sure you have the most unforgettable experience. Our Puppy Love teams and puppies will bring your event unending conversation starters, photo opportunities, and of course, puppy snuggles. Our clients–from employees, to families, to champion basketball players–always leave our Puppy Love experience with happy hearts, heightened energy, and the sweetest memories. And some clients, after completing application requirements, can also bring a furry friend home! Nothing makes our hearts happier than hearing about successful adoption stories as a result of our Puppy Love experience!

We take pride in creating experiences that bring humans joy and help animals in need. As a Bay Area-based company, we are so proud to have been featured by our own Golden State Warriors. But we also host events in Southern California, Las Vegas, Denver, and beyond!

Contact us today to let us know how we can bring some Puppy Love magic to your next office get together, employee wellness event, conference, or sports game. We will fully customize our setup to ensure the best experience for your event, no matter the size. The PAWSibilities are endless!