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Expos and trade shows are an excellent opportunity for a large number of people with a specific interest to gather, exchange ideas and showcase new services or products. They’re large but fun events that can become a tradition for many people. Make your expo or trade show one to remember and look forward to for years to come with a Puppy Experience from Puppy Love!

Finding a fantastic wellness event idea in Las Vegas for your expo or tradeshow gives attendees a much-needed break from all the hustle and bustle that typically accompanies these large events. There’s no better way to take a break than by cuddling with puppies! Puppy Love offers the Ultimate Puppy Experience and a superior wellness option for your next expo or trade show.

Learn more about why puppies are the perfect addition to your event and what makes Puppy Love™ Las Vegas the perfect choice.

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Puppy Love's puppy experiences are the best out of box wellness ideas for events in Las Vegas.

Why Should Expos/Trade Shows Have Wellness Events?

The purpose of any expo or trade show, regardless of industry, is simple: engagement. To make it a worthwhile event for both vendors and visitors, and to attract both in the future, the event must be engaging, useful and worthwhile. Nobody wants to attend an expo or tradeshow that doesn’t leave them with positive memories or is exhausting through and through. Avoid this mistake by providing a fun, engaging wellness experience for your attendees.

Wellness breaks are an important part of maintaining mental and physical health. A solid break can calm the central nervous system and shift brain states. Large, busy events like trade shows and expos can be overstimulating and overwhelming for attendees.

Providing an excellent wellness break experience for everyone to enjoy is the perfect way to keep attendees and vendors feeling energized, motivated and with the desire to come back next time.

"Best Booth at the Tradeshow!"

Man with a cute puppy at an out of the box wellness experience with Puppy Love.

How do you Make a Trade Show/Expo Fun?

Wellness events don’t have to be the traditional ideas of meditation or yoga. Wellness is simply the practice of habits that help attain better physical and mental health outcomes. An important aspect of any expo or trade show event is having an element of fun. With Puppy Love, you can have a supremely fun event that still provides wellness benefits.

Providing a fun opportunity for expo or trade show attendees s a great way have a mental break and feel rejuvenated. While many vendors try to make their booths enticing and attractive with fun marketing schemes, it’s important to have something entirely different available that doesn’t come with any gimmicks or ulterior motives.

Our various setup options mean there’s a choice to fit your space and group, and each of our events include the following:


Puppy Love puts safety first and ensures every event is set up to maintain comfortable and safe interactions with the puppies. This includes our enclosed setup and trained staff.


No need to worry about accidents or germs! All Puppy Love™ Las Vegas uses double-layer waterproof flooring to keep the floors and puppies clean. We provide antibacterial hand gel, blankets for lap cuddles and every puppy toy, bed and blanket is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after events.

Puppy Coach

The Puppy Coach at your event is specially trained to assist with every part of your event. They’ll know the ins and outs of the setup and take down but are also there to assist with puppy cuddles and facilitation of the event.

Peace of mind

Every Puppy Love is licensed and insured. All our pups come from vetted and fully trusted partners who ensure the pups are well cared for and looked after. Additional, 20% of all proceeds are donated back to rescue partners.

Sure, you could go with a traditional perk option for your expo or trade show. But drinks or music can start to feel stale pretty quickly. Choose an unforgettable wellness experience idea and book an event with Puppy Love! A day with puppies is a surprise and delight that nobody will forget!

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Puppy Love's puppy experiences are the best out of box wellness ideas for events.

Event Sponsorship Ideas

Whether you’re planning an upcoming conference or you’re searching for event sponsorship ideas that will draw interest and engage the crowd, opting for an expo sponsorship with Puppy Love is an excellent way to make every attendee’s day! Learn about the benefits of selling a Puppy Love puppy area at your next conference or event.

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Trade Show Entertainment Ideas

A key element of planning any successful trade show is identifying trade show entertainment ideas to draw crowds to your event and make it a success. Entertainment that compliments the theme and industry of your expo will also help make it a worthwhile experience for your customers by making people excited to come and support businesses. It’s a pretty tall order to find entertainment that can accomplish all that —- which is where Puppy Love comes in. Puppy Love™ Las Vegas provides a unique experience for your guests that will create memories and keep people returning to your event for years.

What Our Customers Say

  • Maddie Garcia
    such an amazing business it’s totally a win win all around!! super fun holding and playing with puppies
  • Maria Steiner
    PUPPIES! Who does not love spending time with these cuties. The rescue pups are so adorable and playful, or even comforting and sweet sleeping in your arms. Great way to add to a conference or corporate event, promoting socialization for the dogs and alleviating stress and anxiety for attendees. Tensions melt away and blood pressure drops, puppy love is magical. Great organization to help with events. They have exceptional staff who really care about promoting dog rescues and adoptions. Thank you Sabrina and your team!
  • Eryn McCoy
    I couldn't say better things about Puppy Love! The staff was so incredibly nice, welcoming, and caring with the dogs! It was so fun to cuddle and play with pups! Wish Puppy Love was at every conference I went to!
  • Dean Steiner
    If you are hosting a conference or corporate event, looking for something for employee appreciation, team building, or recognition, Puppy Love is a great option. In cooperation with local rescue organizations, Puppy Love will bring and supervise puppies at your event allowing your team all the cuddles and doggo kisses they can handle! The staff are great and love the positive engagement with the pups and the public. This is so beneficial for all involved, positive vibes for the people, and socialization for the pups. They are amazing!
  • Lauren Mushkin
    Puppy Love provides the BEST puppy experience. They focus on the healthy, safety and well-being of the pups and people. I would highly encourage anyone looking to have a fun, unique, and experience to contact them!
  • Ashley Cazares
    We worked with this group for our first SHRM conference. They went above and beyond to make sure things went smoothly. Puppies were well taken care of and had many puppy naps. Love their mission behind their work. Would 10/10 recommend for any event.
  • Kim DeCosta
    Happy smiles all around when attending a Puppy Love event! Thank you Sabrina for providing such a feel good experience.
  • Laurice Rubalcava
    What a wonderful experience! The puppies were adorable and I’ve never seen so many smiles. Puppy Love parties will be the highlight of your week!
  • Pooja Ahuja
    I recently attended a conference that offered a corporate health and wellness puppy therapy session, and I have to say, it was one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of the event. The puppies were adorable and well-behaved, and the puppy coaches were knowledgeable and professional. They created a warm and welcoming environment, and it was clear that they genuinely cared about the well-being of the attendees. The therapy session itself was incredibly effective at reducing stress and promoting relaxation. The puppies were incredibly friendly and cuddly, and their presence alone was enough to bring a smile to everyone's faces. The puppy coaches were awesome about taking picture to help us capture those special moments. Overall, I would highly recommend this corporate health and wellness puppy therapy to anyone looking to reduce stress and improve their overall well-being at a conference plus great attendee acquisition and company branding. BRILLIANT!! It was a truly unique and enjoyable experience, and I hope to see more events like this in the future. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service!
  • Kim Yates
    Puppy Love feels like a big welcome home after a long day. Just knowing there are puppies nearby to snuggle and love brings a sense of peace and contentment to the entire event. Thank you Sabrina for all you do to create wellness in the workplace.
  • Palmer Boever
    Puppy Love provided us with a puppy booth at a major trade show this year, and we couldn't be happier with their service. The team was extremely professional and friendly, and the booth was a huge success in generating leads. Attendees enjoyed taking a break from their busy schedules to play with the adorable puppies. The Puppy Love team took great care to ensure everyone's safety, including keeping hands clean and allowing the puppies to rest when needed. It's wonderful to see a business that is committed to the well-being of both the animals and the attendees, and we appreciate that they also offer adoption opportunities. Overall, we were thrilled with the experience and plan to use Puppy Love again in the future.

Puppy Love: The Perfect Addition

There are many wellness event ideas out there, but only a few that truly stand out from the crowd and provide a unique, fulfilling and memorable experience. Puppy Love is one of those. We proudly offer the Ultimate Puppy Experience that is the perfect addition to any expo or tradeshow.

Regardless of industry, nobody can resist the adorable, cuddly power of a puppy. But aside from being cute, spending time with animals is proven to be beneficial toward mental health and stress alleviation.

Every Puppy Love experience is designed to foster meaningful, fun and adorable interaction between puppies and humans.


"OK.. Who said conventions weren’t fun? ‘Cause let me just say.. #hrt2022 made fun PAW-sible! 🐶"

Justin, TopFunnel

"Thank goodness that Puppy Love exists. The team had the BEST time with the 10 puppies that came to our event. One of our engineers even adopted one of the cute little fur balls. It was absolutely a successful event, and I can’t wait until we can host another!"

Lauren, GEM

"Puppy Love is my first RETURN TO OFFICE event for my tenants! I’ve had them come to my buildings before and this is by far, the most popular type of event without alcohol hehe "

Rita, Brickman

"Sabrina’s passion, commitment and creativity are evident in all aspects of her Puppy Love events. Partnering with Puppy Love has helped to raise our visibility via their well-attended corporate events. Not only are these events really fun to participate in, but they have also helped to increase donations to our organization as well as to help find forever homes for our adoptable puppies and dogs."

Tera, DPS Rescue

"It was the best day ever! We received overwhelming positive feedback we have had them back every year for the last 3 years and can’t wait to have Sabrina and the puppies back again this year!"

Jennifer, MOFO

"Sabrina is the most professional and PASSIONATE business owner I have ever worked with. She is constantly trying to give her clients a first class experience filled with love and tenderness. I have never seen a company that provides such a positive FEEL GOOD EXPERIENCE like Sabrina’s Puppy Love does. Who would think a bunch of adults hanging out and playing with adorable puppies would be such a hit!! Sabrina did… CONGRATULATIONS on a wonderful business you have. Wishing you much success in the year to come."

David, Amazon

"The Puppy Love Team was around for 2 hours and the employee traffic never seemed to die down. Immediately after, employees came up to me asking “When are they coming back?!?!?” The pictures of employees with the pups cannot event capture the true joy and excitement everyone experienced."

Kathleen, Google

"To the Puppy Love Team, thank you for an incredible day and experience. We truly enjoyed having you and can’t wait for your next visit. Everything you did, from the setup to sharing stories with our employees, was well done and much appreciated "

Blake, Samsung

"Sabrina and her entire team were great! We had a corporate event and Sabrina organized puppies and canine companions to be at our conference over a 3-day period. All attendees were in love with this idea and it really made the entire conference extra special. Attendees could not stop talking about the experience and I was so grateful that Sabrina took care of everything and was so organized. All we had to do was show her where the puppy area was, and her team took care of everything. Extremely organized and I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants a unique experience at their next event. Thank you, Sabrina and team, for being awesome! "

Bryan, Gilead

"What a perfect way to bring our colleagues back to the office… with a Puppy Love Party! Everyone who attended walked away with huge smiles on their faces and their hearts full… begging for more “Puppy Fridays”. Sabrina and her team were so wonderful to work with and helped make the experience a memorable one. We can’t wait to bring them back and have many more puppy parties in the future! "

Marlanne, Baine & Company

"Sabrina! Think we were the hit and talk of the show! Truly appreciate your professionalism, expertise and just being awesome! A big fan or you and the power of puppies for sure! Great news as well is that it looks like a few of the puppies will be adopted! Thank you again and already thinking of ways to use your services again! "


"It was the best day ever! We received overwhelmingly positive feedback we have had them back every year for the last 3 years and can’t wait to have Sabrina and the puppies back again this year!"

Michelle, Google

"The Puppy Love Team was around for 2 hours and the employee traffic never seemed to die down. Immediately after, employees came up to me asking “When are they coming back?!?!?” The pictures of employees with the pups cannot event capture the true joy and excitement everyone experienced. "

Jake, Salesforce

"I hired Puppy Love for an event in our office in San Francisco. We had been hosting some creative happy hours of sorts and someone had the great idea of a puppy play date! Thank goodness that Puppy Love exists. The team had the BEST time with the 10 puppies that came to our event. One of our engineers even adopted one of the cute little fur balls. It was absolutely a successful event, and I can’t wait until we can host another!"

Lena, Pulse

"I recently had the pleasure of attending a corporate wellness event for Google where they hosted Puppy Love, who provided an amazing puppy experience. I’m an avid animal lover and was thrilled to see an employee engagement that not only focused on employee wellness but also gave back to the community in such a meaningful way. The Puppy Love event was fantastic. We were able to interact with adoptable dogs, and the event organizers provided information on the featured rescue who provided the pups. It was heartwarming to see everyone come together to support such an important cause – not to mention have a blast! I was impressed with how well-organized the event was - and the attention to detail. The pups were well-cared for, and the Puppy Love team was great. This was an excellent example of how a company can help make a positive impact on the community while also promoting employee wellness/happiness. I hope to see more events like this in the future, and I applaud Google for their commitment to giving back and supporting their employees in this way."

Google, Business Admin Partner

"I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the fantastic work you did at Manifest. Your puppy booth was a real hit and brought a lot of attention to our company. The fact that you worked so hard to make it happen did not go unnoticed, and we appreciate your efforts more than words can say. In particular, we wanted to thank you for bringing in so many great leads for us. Your presence and the excitement it generated were instrumental in helping us connect with potential customers and partners. We believe that these connections will lead to great things for our business, and we owe a lot of that to you."

Geodis, Events Manager

"We can't express enough gratitude for the amazing event we hosted with Puppy Love and the rescue puppies. It was heartwarming to see our fans and players come together to support such a great cause. The puppies brought so much joy and laughter to everyone, and it was an unforgettable experience to see 25 of them find their forever homes. We feel privileged to have been a part of this event, and we look forward to continuing to support Puppy Love and their mission to help provide people with joy and help the rescue care for animals in need. "

Warriors, Sponsorships

"On behalf of the Intern Programs Team and the Bay Area Intern Community, we want to thank you and your team for all of your help + support during this year's Bay Area International Intern Day Celebration Event. Our Interns + Staff truly loved spending time with the precious puppies! Your services helped make this event magical and I cannot thank you and your staff enough. You were all such a joy to work with and all of your energy + effort was essential in providing an amazing intern experience and this event could not have been possible without you all! Thank you so much for sharing the photos, I have passed them along to the volunteers and Interns! I will gladly leave a review! Thank you so much again! 🤗💓🎉"

Noella, Google


Even the most conscientious workplace can be stress-filled. We believe cuddling and playing with puppies is an ideal way to restore the balance. In fact, scientific studies have shown positive therapeutic effects from animal interaction – including decreasing blood pressure and reduced levels of cortisol.

Puppy Love™ Las Vegas founder Sabrina Freed combined her two key passions: creating outstanding events and animal advocacy. A pioneer in the field of high-profile conferences Sabrina realized firsthand how employees would benefit from puppies in the workplace, and likewise, how employers would see results in worker efficiency, and wellness. A wonderful give-back, Puppy Love also donates 20% of all proceeds back into the local rescue community.

Puppy Love was started in San Francisco and serves all areas of northern and southern California. We also partner with rescues nationwide to provide Puppy Love experiences across the U.S.

Yes. Each location carries liability insurance of $2M to ensure our attendees and puppies are well covered.

All pups come from our vetted, fully trusted rescue partners who ensure pups are happy and well cared for. 20% of all Puppy Love proceeds are donated back to our rescue partners to help cover their food and medical costs.

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